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Forming the Next Generation of African Catholics for the Global Church



All attendees from the 2023 Church Life Africa Conference are invited to apply for the Church Life Africa Impact Awards. The CLA Impact Award is intended to support creative ventures by young Catholic innovators whose work will further promote Church life in Africa. Suggested areas of focus include (but are not limited to): catechesis, music, art, digital media, community-building, or Catholic social teaching. Three awards of up to N400,000 each will be granted for the most thoughtful and innovative proposals, reviewed through a two-part application process.

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Attendees' review



Thanks so exceedingly again to the entire CLA team for the awesome initiative and the massive work put towards the success of the program. God's tremendous blessings. I'm excitedly looking forward to next year's conference.


Francis Itodo

I wish to express my profound gratitute to the organisers of the CLA programme for the opportunity to deepen our faith and embrace theology as lay people. We sincerely hope that the fruit of our labours will not be in vain.



I'm writing with much love in my heart to extend my appreciation to each and every one of you. You don't know how much you have touched my heart. If I had a chance I will send each one of you a letter of appreciation.


James Fidelis

I want to sincerely register my profound gratitude to the team and organizers of CLA for the knowledge they inculcated for us. It's our earnest prayer that this seed they sowed in us will yield a bountiful harvest through Christ our Lord.



I truly appreciate the exceptional organization of the conference. The seamless execution, diverse range of topics, and engaging speakers made it an enriching experience for all attendees.



A big thanks to the big brains behind this wonderful initiative. My sincere gratitude especially to Fr. Joachim and Fr. Ken and everybody who made sure this event was a success.

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"In solidarity with the Church in Africa"

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