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Forming the Next Generation of African Catholics for the Global Church

The growing population and vibrant faith of African Catholics have engendered a long-expressed hope that the future of the Church is in Africa. Based on a model of solidarity and mutual enrichment between the Church in Africa and the Church in the United States, Church Life Africa (CLA), a strategic initiative at the University of Notre Dame, takes this hope seriously and calls for an intentional investment in its promise. 


As part of efforts aimed at mobilizing young lay African Catholics for substantial theological education, pastoral ministry, and public engagement in service to Africa and the global Church, CLA hosted its 2023 summer conference themed “In Solidarity with the Church in Africa.” This second edition of the conference focused on theological engagements within and between the Church in Africa and the United States as a viable way of investing in the future of the Church, whose vital signs are very visible in the African continent.


With support from the University of Notre's McGrath Institute for Church Life, de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture, Kellogg Institute for International Studies, and the Department of Theology, CLA hopes to realize its vision of consolidating the Church's future by investing in the theological, catechetical, and pastoral formation and mobilization of lay Catholics in Africa.

To secure the future of the Church, we must invest intentionally in today's seeds of hope. Solidarity is the way to go. Interested in being part of this vision? Please contact us at  or


To invest in the future of the Church whose vital signs are visible in Africa. Through integrated theological education, catechetical and liturgical formation, and service leadership, Church Life Africa engages in the intentional mobilization of young lay African Catholics in service to Africa and the global Church.


We believe in the enduring hope that the future of the Church is in Africa. The fruits of that hope are in the teeming population of enthusiastic Africans hungry for theological, catechetical, pastoral, and human formation. In solidarity with the global Church, and inspired by the Holy Spirit, we can secure the Church's future.



Archdiocese of Abuja

Archdiocese of Abuja

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