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CLA Impact Award

The CLA Impact Award is intended to support creative ventures by young Catholic innovators whose work will further promote Church life in Africa. Suggested areas of focus include (but are not limited to): catechesis, music, art, digital media, community-building, or Catholic social teaching. Awards will be granted for the most thoughtful and innovative proposals, reviewed through a two-part application process.

Emmanuel's profile

Atoku Emmanuel Iko-ojo is a Kogi-born postgraduate student in Information Technology at the National Open University of Nigeria. Currently resident in Lokoja Nigeria. Known for his goal-oriented leadership and innovative mindset, Emmanuel has left his mark across various sectors including education, technology, and non-governmental organizations.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Kogi State University Anyigba.

During his university days, he actively participated in the Nigerian Federation of Catholic Students (NFCS), holding positions such as Music Director, Electoral Committee Chairman, and Finance Audit Committee Chairman. He leads the Kogi State University NFCS Alumni Association.

His leadership roots trace back to his secondary school days, where he held positions such as YCS Chapter President and Area Vice President. Emmanuel has contributed significantly to the Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria (CYON), leading various committees.

His ultimate goal is to see the Catholic Church flourish and to deepen people's relationship with Jesus.

Emmanuel Atoku

Fides Examen

Fides Examen (Examination of Faith) focuses on rewarding excellence in the Catholic Church. The project would be carried out in the Lokoja Catholic Diocese, focusing on quiz competitions about Catholic teachings and rituals. The quiz competition will feature the children category (Ages 7 to 11) Teens category (Ages 12 to 17), and the Adult category (Ages 18 to 50).

Interested participants would register online for free, provided they are associated with a catholic parish within the diocese. Study materials are provided on the website, where mock religious quizzes can also be taken by anyone at will. The competition has three phases, with participants getting eliminated along the way.


What makes Fides Examen unique is its audience involvement. People can vote on social media, adding to contestants' scores. Plus, there are monthly challenges for anyone to participate in and win prizes.

This project is about more than just winning. It aims to deepen people's understanding of their faith and promote healthy competition. By engaging the community, Fides Examen brings people closer to their religion and each other.

In the Catholic Church, this project could spark a positive change. It encourages learning and active participation, fostering a stronger connection between members. With its inclusive approach and focus on knowledge, Fides Examen could inspire a new generation of devout Catholics committed to the knowledge and understanding of their faith.

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