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Christopher's Profile

Christopher Tyosue Kpega is a graduate of Chemistry from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
(2015). He is awaiting final defense for the award of Masters of Science in Environmental
Chemistry from the same Institution. He is passionate about Environmental issues and has
attended several conferences and workshop on Environmental protection and remediation. He is
involved in several businesses and owns   Thomas Aquinas Bookshop (TAB) and Sacramentals.
He is happily married with two children.

Christopher Kpega

Faith Digest

FaithDigest is a project aimed at making catholic literature and classic works readily available for the teeming youth of Zaria Diocese and encouraging full utilization of the same.

Zaria is a humble Diocese with a low population of Catholics as it seat at the heart of Islam and her population is comprised mainly of settlers and a few Hausa Christians in the villages. Zaria however, plays host to 8 tertiary institutions of learning, and all the institutions have NFCS (Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students) body, 1 having FCPS (Fellowship of Catholic Postgraduate Students), and the residents’ youths forming the Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria.

These institutions have contributed to boosting the population of Catholics in the City. It is important to also state that the knowledge of Catholicism in Zaria is very minimal compared to most Dioceses in the country; this has led to a situation where most of the catholic youths are usually drafted and cornered into Pentecostal churches under the name of ‘seeing the light’.

Project blueprint

Tabular road map

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